Our Programmes

Our programmes are based on our LEAD model and of smaller projects, all contributing to sustainable change in our four focus areas. 

Our three main current programmes:

Strategic Planning Programme

Participating organisations have the opportunity to learn more about risk assessment, leadership development, development of funding proposals, problem trees, teamwork, developing a theory of change, board roles, and implementing safety measures for children just to name a few.

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Child Protection Programme

In partnership with Valcare, Ezrah implemented the first year of the Drakenstein Child Protection Programme. This programme forms part of Connect Network’s city-wide safe community strategy to implement 10 safe communities in the Western Cape. The two main projects are: 1) The coordination of a child protection steering group and 2) the facilitation of a series of child-focused workshops and mentoring.

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QIS Coordination

On behalf of Connect Network we coordinate the QIS Programme. Quality Improvement System (QIS) is a Viva-accredited organisational capacity building programme aimed at small to medium sized Christian non-profit organisations working with children. The goal of the programme is to improve the quality of care and service given to women and children at risk. See more

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