We aim to be a role-model in terms of organisational structures and functioning.

Our board comprising of at least three directors governs our organisation in line with our value system of integrity, competence, stewardship, transparency and accountability. 

From our leadership structure flows the rest of the organisation’s functioning to display a high standard of people care, child protection, high quality programmes and financial excellence. 

After completing the Quality Improvement System (QIS) programme of Connect Network in partnership with Viva, Ezrah was verified on Quality level by an independent verification team (see confirmation letter below).

This means that Ezrah functions in line with best practice standards in the following areas: Financial Accountability, Governance, Project Planning and Design, People Care, Child Protection and Child Well-being.


Ezrah’s accounts are audited each year by Emma Pardoe Chartered Accountants (SA). Registered Auditor PR 03338611


Non Profit Organisation

NPO with the Department of Social Development in South Africa
NPO 133-155

Non Profit Company

Non-Profit Company under the Companies Act of South Africa
Number 2013/227807/08

Public Benefit Orgaisation

PBO with Section 18A status with the South Africa Revenue Service Number 930050983